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Just as each plant is unique, so is each of our planters. All the pieces of the same size are made with the same amount of clay, but without any measuring tool other than our eye and our experience. The planters are therefore very similar in terms of dimensions, but by moving away from a standardized production framework, we treat each of them as a unique piece, highlighting the variations in the curves and in the traces of throwing.

Through this spontaneity, however, we remain sensitive to details for an optimal functionality. The planters are therefore pierced for water drainage and come with a saucer.


- Small (200-250ml) - approximately 2"1/4 to 3" high X 5" to 5"1/2 diameter

- Medium (1L) - approximately 4" high X 5" to 5"1/2 diameter

- Large (2L) - approximately 5" high X 7" to 7"1/2 diameter


PriceFrom C$38.00
  • All ceramic pieces can be washed in the dishwasher, but we recommend hand washing to extend their life.

    They can also be used with the microwave oven, except for the chestnut ones, which can become very hot.

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