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Following the flow of the seasons, the rythm of life, we take our time for everything we do. Because each object deserves to be cared for, each idea to be refined.

The story
At A & J Métissage we are both a couple, a family, partners and creators. We have chosen the life of craftsmen, which offers us real contact with the material, the fulfillment of our passion and the constant development of our skills.

This life that allows us to value time. Time that we devote to making an object or time that we take to enjoy life. We have chosen this life in which no real frontier divides home and studio, and the children are always a bit in between both.

We have chosen this decompartmentalized life, which pauses if it snows too hard or if the tide is perfect for swimming, but which is never completely on vacation, because inspiration knows no hours.

The objects

The objects in our collection are designed to be versatile and intended for everyday use. Their design relates to the essential, to the timeless simplicity of a pure line, a delicate color. This simplicity leaves all the space to the texture of clay and the richness of glazes.. ​


We make all of our pieces are by hand, one by one, which gives them their own personality, infuses them with a bit of our own story.

Amélie pratiqunt le tournage de céramique dans l'atelier. Amelie throwing pottery in the studio


''Taking the time to make each...

Taking the time to make each piece, one by one, and knowing that when it leaves the studio, it will live its own story, at your house.''

Julien soufflant du verre. Julien glassblowing.


''To make, with our own hands...

''To make, with our own hands, functional objects. Constantly learning and developing our manual skills.''

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