a + j


Together is better

Two designers : Amélie and Julien.

Two materials : ceramic and glass.

Two passions that blend together : to create unique, desirable objects, but also crafted by them, to guarantee their quality and to preserve their exclusivity.

Two Websites : the former one and the next one. The former one is not live anymore. The next one will be soon.

Until then, you might want to SEE some of our creations and maybe GET SOME OF THEM.

For this there is our Etsy page.

A + J Métissage - blown glass mortar and ceramic pestle
A + J Métissage - picture of some blown glass and ceramic products

If you are thinking about collaborating with us for the creation or the realisation of CUSTOM MADE ITEMS,

visit this page.

Maybe you would rather ORDER a certain amount of pieces for your store or you business.  For this, write us at


A + J Métissage - small plates for Cacao 70 restaurants

You would like to be told when our next Website is ready? Write us. We will be pleased to invite you to it's virtual launch.

See you soon !