custom made items

Set of ceramic bowls and plates for chocolate fondu, made for Cacao 70 restaurants.



What we are offering is based on two things : flexibility and reliability.

Flexibility for us is the ability to produce pieces that are already designed (technical drawings) or to be part of the project from the beginning by designing them, starting from the idea of it and of the expected results. Our participation to your project could go as far as the complete management of it. Flexibility also means for us the possibility of personalizing every piece with variations.

Our reliability expresses itself by the commitment to deliver in the agreed delays, subject to being humans, whatever quantity you need. Most of the projects need prototypes, and those would be made without any notable effect on the agreed delivery delays. This reliability is also related to the quality of the product that we deliver : both the design and the choice of materials are made accordingly to the final use of the product.

Everything is possible, just tell us what your needs are.